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Clustering and Data Analysis Toolbox

version (2 MB) by Janos Abonyi
The toolbox provides four categories of functions.


Updated 20 Apr 2005

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Nowadays due to the yearly multiplying data comes always the claim for useful methods and algorithms that make the processing of these data easier. For the solution of this problem data mining tools come into existence, to which the clustering algorithms belong. At the Department of Process Engineering of the University of Veszprem much research has been done on the clustering algorithms, many articles, publications and an MSc theme were published dealing with this topic. To unite all these information and knowledge a "Clustering and Data Analysis Toolbox" was needful. The purpose of this work was to compile a continuously extensible, standard tool, which is useful for any MATLAB user for one's aim. In Chapter 1 of the downloadable related documentation one can find a theoretical introduction containing the theory of the algorithms, the definition of the validity measures and the tools of visualization, which help to understand the programmed MATLAB files. Chapter 2 deals with the exposition of the files and the description of the particular algorithms, and they are illustrated with simple examples, while in Chapter 3 the whole Toolbox is tested on real data sets during the solution of three clustering problems: comparison and selection of algorithms; estimating the optimal number of clusters; and examining multidimensional data sets.

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Michael Keeling

Priya chelluboyina

Charles Aguiar

David Franco


Pete sherer

Where's the paper?


how to download this paper. i do need it

Anikó Bartos


ANU Sharma

Good one!!!
I want to classify different frequency data using neural network. Wat approach should I USE?/ FFT coefficients or some other??

Marianela Matta

hongsic yun

pooya Derakhshan

please help me and mail me ,if someone knows simulation or mfile about PID controlling by Fuzzy.

Richardo Polymechani

Very good and useful.

patrick janvier

could i use this program to segment handwriting

Avik Mitra

Quite Good!

Arif ihsan

Fang Cao

Could I use these programs to process color images?

Elsy Ibrahim

guersi noureddine

w e

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