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SIR Epidemic Spread Model

version 1.0.0 (55.8 KB) by Giovanni Valentini
This is a live script that explores the SIR model in order to simulate the spread of a virus over time.


Updated 18 Apr 2020

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The SIR model has been developed in the past years to simulate the spread of a virus over time. The script includes a brief introduction, in which the model is presented, and the code to run the simulation of the epidemic over time. Two cases are analysed: one without immunity loss, where recovered individuals don't get infected again, and one with immunity loss.

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Giovanni Valentini (2021). SIR Epidemic Spread Model (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Adib Jamel

where to find this article

Hannah Abrahams

Bangdong Zhi

Sandra Marium Kurien

sir can u pls share the code

Sir I need the function file sir_model.m. please share it..... Thank you in advance

Akanksha Verma

can you share the function file ( sir_model.m)??

Yimin Wang

It might be better to scale the model by population size N.
% Equations of the model
dS = (-beta*I(tt)*S(tt)/N + delta*R(tt)) * dt;
dI = (beta*I(tt)*S(tt)/N - gamma*I(tt)) * dt;
dR = (gamma*I(tt) - delta*R(tt)) * dt;

Mel Lieberman

Easy to use code with no apparent bugs

Ajinkya Jadhav

Mariana Nagy

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