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Video: GUIDE Basics Tutorial

version (12.6 MB) by Doug Hull
Five minute video about building GUIs in MATLAB.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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Recording of a five minute tutorial on the use of GUIDE to build Graphical User Interfaces in MATLAB.
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Doug Hull (2021). Video: GUIDE Basics Tutorial (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (74)

Could you help me with the code to visualize VR Sink (3D Simulink design) on an axis guide ?. Thank you!


why doesnt it open?


hi i do not know how to play video :( i clicked on any click-able things on this page.i am a new user ,is there anyone to help me.

i would like to create guide in it i have 3 radio button and when you click firs one pop up menu should just show things related to it and at the same time in axes figures should come to screen immediately. i do not know how to tie them

Seyhan Emre Gorucu

I cannot watch the video when I click on the image. Is there any software that I have to download?


great job



Fahad Ali

Excellent for beginners

Joseph Eom

Great for introducing

Liam Mescall

That is a big help.Thanks

thet aung

Gordon Fletcher

Great for a first start


Berkan Sesen

Oliver Woodford

It's an informative video, but it would be better if we could stream the 7MB video from somewhere, rather than download and unzip a 12MB file.

Michael Jordan


Great! Thank you a lot. Very helpful for me!

Changqing Xu

pratik mehta

min liu

dhansingh raghuwanshi

Zhang Yuefei

An good example for beginner

efrain ariel

hola bueno quisiera recibir información cobre gui de matlab un saludo

Rory Donohue

Great :)

mohan kumar

Luigi Mistodie

geo mok

Khalid Mahmood


vineet toppo

its good for all

Amr Yassin

This Turorial was extremely great , thanks , it was a good work

joe patiani

thx. this tutorial would help me much.

rasem kabi

i am a bigginer

rasem kabi


Brian Hughes

Very helpful and well done. I hope you continue this video tutorial approach. It would be nice to see a series of videos that continue to get a bit further in depth as you progress through them. Thanks.

Dave Welch

Wsih it was more in depth, but a great starting point if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed!

Atte J

Hi, the video saved me a lot of time of going through the documentation and enabled me to have a quick understanding about GUIDE. I'd like to see more these kind of crash course videos.

khi con

Mey Lan cute

it's simple but give me more information. thanks. Gbu

Antonio Duranti


Ricardo Diaz

nice¡¡¡¡ bau i like tu have more doc about it cause i just started to use matlab more GUIDE so if anyone can send something more deep about i like that thank
my e-mail

Nagarajan Raghavan

It was a short and crisp video to help beginners get started with Matlab GUI. It was very informative.

Please educate us more on how we could input matrices into a GUI edit-text component.

I have been trying to develop GUIs where a matrix of around 100 elements needs to be provided as input to the GUI for data analysis. However, I have been encountering problems whereby only the first element of my matrix is being recognized by the GUI. I used the EDIT TEXT component in the GUIDE for matrix inputs.

Also, it would be very useful if you could publish videos showing how we could make use of the advanced audio/video tools and other features in the ActiveX controls in the GUI?

Lucio Fiamingo

Good but the video image is not very clear

Abdulrahman Abutaleb

nice to begin with

Evgeny S

Good start. It will be greate, if you tell a bit more about most often tasks in constructing GUI.

Walter Schneider

Good. But would benefit from a listing of were do I go from here to learn more.

Raja Vamsi

That was good and clean.

M Ahmed

Fantastic. keep going

Manik Kapoor

It was very helpful.Thanks!!

abdullah Al-Owaisi

i am omani engineer my majer is electrecl (power system engineering )

Ansuman Adhikary

Excellent. Has all the ingredients for a beginner.

Ming Sang

Useful brief tutorial. Thanks!!!

Alex ore john

apurv raj


apurv raj

its good.

Edward Chao

Excellent intro demonstrating ease of getting started. Now I'm looking for more and will take a look at Tutorial II.

ahmad nassaruddyn

the downloaded exe file not fully complete download, but can't remove it, therefore, i can't run my Matlab. Any solution?

Andrej Mosat

Well, the TSCC.exe installs a codec. I can`t remove it from computer and am not happy about it. There are numerous ways of recording what`s happening on screen, but why this? At the end, there should be a mention that this is for absolute beginners !!! So please at least write the registry keys and files to be deleted manually. Thank you.

ismet sozenoglu

That is what I need to begin. Thanx ;)


the downloaded exe file not complete download & can't be decompressed Any hint ?

Ryan Ollos

Very nice.

Alfred Manuel

It's also the case for me: the downloaded exe file can't be decompressed :-((
Any hint ?

guille tindal

no puedo descomprimir este archivo me da error de ejecucion del descompresor, Por favor necesito ayuda en esto. Muchas gracias. Guillermo

Bryan D.

Good job. Please continue tutorials like these.

Ashish Choudhary

Very Helpful

Tchoketch Mohamed

Thank you for you help

Henri Dwyer

I did not like the .exe file but the video was nice.
You might want to say that it is very basic.

Venu V

Basic Very Nice

Ramli Saad

I like it..thanks

Carlos Oliveira

More examples would be of further help. Still, very useful

Herman Tan

very helpful...but if it comes with more examples it will be more and more helpful

Roy Leung

This is very useful for starting a GUI.
The examples in 'Matlab Help' are very good.
But five minutes of demo would get me well on the way. For example getting to the right place to program the call back.


very helpful...

selim awad

Silvio Franklin Ostered

Muito Bom...Thats Great

Joseph Yacura

Please continue with this approach.

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Inspired: Video: GUIDE Advanced Techniques

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