Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) to Matlab interface

Version 1.3 (6.12 MB) by Oleg Iupikov
The interface between Matlab and Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS)
Updated 12 Mar 2022

======= ADS-Matlab-Interface =======

Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) to Matlab interface.

========== Introduction ===========

This **TADSInterface** class allows for communication with Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) from within MATLAB.
It has been developed and tested **under Windows platform**, but small modifications are expected to adapt it for Linux.

> **Warning!** The interface heavily uses **undocumented** features of ADS! Therefore, there is a chance that it will stop working under a new release of ADS. The current version of the interface **has been tested with ADS 2016.1, 2017 and 2019**.

> **NOTE** also that the interface has been heavily used for simulations using **Harmonic balance** solver in ADS. It should work with other solvers as well, but it is not guaranteed.

=========== Features ===========

This ADS-MATLAB interface allows:
- Set paths and environmental variables required by ADS;
- Change parameters in the ADS project's schematic ("*Var Eqn*" component);
- Change parameters of components (like *SNP*, capacitors, etc.);
- Run simulation;
- Read results from the dataset files generated by the solver (which can be run either from Matlab using this interface, or natively from ADS IDE).

> **NOTE** that all parameter changes made by the interface affect **only** the project's netlist file, and do not affect the schematic. The netlist will be re-generated by ADS if simulation is started within its IDE. So, the parameter changes here make sense only if the simulation is started by means of this interface.

======= Demos / Documentation =======

All functionalities are well documented in the included Live Script demos. MATLAB R2018a or higher is desired in order to not loose code samples in the demos.

======= Bugs / feature requests ========

If you encounter any errors, notice some misfunction while using the interface, or would like to have new functionality, feel free to open an issue [directly in GitHub]( However, I cannot promise fast fix/response due to lack of time for support.

========== Acknowledgment ==========

I would like to thank Jan Simon for his great function `GetFullPath` (, it is very helpful for this interface.

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Oleg Iupikov (2024). Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) to Matlab interface (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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