Logitech X-56 H.O.T.A.S Flight Controller in SIMULINK

This is the Logitech X-56 H.O.T.A.S. Flight Controller implementation within SIMULATION for flight simulation and control enthusiasts.FREE
Updated 24 Feb 2021

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This work is intended for Simulation of A VTOL aircraft (e-Starling) via MATLAB/Simulink and X-Plane 11 Interface. Since having Logitech freedom 2.4 did not have enough buttons a Logitech X-56 H.O.T.A.S flight controller was purchased.

After having all the Logitech drivers installed you can use the following SIMULINK Files.
Two Different SIMULINK Implementation added here along with the buttons displayed from Windows USB Game Controller setup (look it up).

1-X56HOTAS Cyclic StickJoy
Comes with:
Axes ()
Roll, Pitch, Yaw , MiniStick X axis, MiniStick Y Axis in Axes control

8 way switches known as H1, H2 and POV
A,B,D,Trigger and Pinkie

2-X56HOTAS Throttle Collective JoyStick
Comes with:
Axes ()
Throttle 1
Throttle 2
(these throttle are from -1 to 1 and A MATLAB Function and a Simulink function has implemented for conversion - Use either if you are happy with it )
RTY Dials (RTY F, RTY G, RTY 3 and RTY 4)
MiniStick X axis, MiniStick Y Axis in Axes control

8 way switch buttons known as H3, H4

Other Controls:

Slider (next to your thumb)
Scroller bar (next to left hand pinkie )
K1 (up & down)
TGL1 (up & down)
TGL2 (up & down)
TGL3 (up & down)
TGL4 (up & down)
SW1, SW2, SW3, SW4, SW5, SW6,
Mode Shift Button: M1,M2 and S1

All Controls are generated by standard MATLAB Joystick input, However the Demux is decoded to accommodate the X-56 buttons.Below is the signal analogy of the controllers.

Axes (X,Y,Z):
Vector of doubles in the range < -1; 1 >

Vector of doubles
0 — Button released
1 — Button pressed

Point of View (POV):
-1 — Selector inactive
<0; 360> — The angle of the POV selector, in degrees

Vector of doubles
in the range
< -1; 1 >

Acknowledgement :
This work was carried out on Flight controls implementation of a VTOL aircraft (e-Starling) at Cranfield University between MATLAB/SIMULINK and X-Plane 11 interface. I have published only the controller buttons within SIMULINK and will update the main UDP Platform once finished.
This is free for those who would like to use it and please let me know in the comments if this was helpful.
I will be glad to hear from your future implementation and development of X-56 HOTAS Flight controllers.

This will allow you to programmes an infinite combination of Flight Interface commands.

Let me know if you need help or have a similar project and I will be glad to update and integrate the code if you have made any commitments to it.

E-mail: M.Hosseinipour@Crandfield.ac.uk
E-mail: m.a.hosseinipour@Gmail.com
WhatsApp: +447748632002

Best Wishes

Ali Hosseinipour

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