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Cronbach's Alpha

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Cronbach's alpha calculation.


Updated 13 Jun 2005

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This function calculates the Cronbach's alpha by quantitative answers of a questionnaire. The questionnaire's answers have to be a 2-dimensional matrix, which is the only function's input. If the result is greater than 0.8 then the answers are considered reliable. If the score is below 0.2 then the answers are not reliable at all. Note that a negative score (which may occur for statistical reasons) indicates that the answers are completely random.


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Dominik Mattioli

Hector Romo-Parra

Sorry it was a problem of the path,

it works perfect

Hector Romo-Parra

In Matlab 2020 i got this
> X=randn(20,7);
>> a=cronbach(X);
Unrecognized function or variable 'cronbach'.

Is the function not available any longer

Karolina Palica

even season 8 of Game of thrones was better then this add-on

Norbert Váradi

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Nikolay Atanasov

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Gabriel Gaspar

Michal Grzymski

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Michal Grzymski

10/10 would fuck

Maja Pihl

have you heard of the high elves

Søren Skouv

Junker is okay :/

Andreas Junker

It is okay :/


Mohammed Almutawa

harry entebang

Othmar Schälli

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