Spacecraft Control Architecture Rapid Simulator (SCARS) Toolbox is a MATLAB/Simulink toolbox designed as a part of master's thesis project.
Updated 3 Sep 2020

Spacecraft project management calls for division of project lifetime into phases, with specific goals to be fulfilled at the end of each phase. During first few phases a Preliminary Design Review (PDR) has to be conducted, after which top-level hardware design is not to be changed. This thesis describes a process of creating and demonstrates a software framework supporting teams building small satellites - typically CubeSat student projects - during initial phases of conceptual design, mission planning, and selection and sizing of hardware components. The scope of the thesis covers review of available tools for satellite mission and control system design, then it proposes a self-made MATLAB/Simulink toolbox - Spacecraft Control Architecture Rapid Simulator (SCARS) Toolbox, as a open source tool with gentle learning curve and ease of reverse engineering approach. In further parts of the thesis examples of usage are provided, and conclusions and descriptions of problems are presented. In the end, this thesis should not only serve as a description of SCARS toolbox, but also as an insight into the task of building a small satellite simulation.

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Adam Smialek (2024). SCARS-Toolbox (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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