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version (3.21 KB) by Peter (PB) Bodin
MATLAB version of pushd & popd, both available in UNIX/Linux and DOS. Adds some Matlab specific feat

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Updated 03 Dec 2009

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PUSHD(directory/file-spec) stores the current working directory and changes current directory to the one specified in the string directory-spec. To get back to the stored directory call POPD, see help popd. PUSHD cal also be used to jump to a directory containing a specified file.
PUSHD stores the current directory. Go back to the pushed directory using POPD, see help popd.

PUSHD stores a stack of pushed directories. Calling POPD will pop you one step up the stack.

These two files, PUSHD and POPD are intended to mimic the functions with the same names in UNIX/Linux and DOS.

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Peter (PB) Bodin (2021). pushd (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

Anderson Canteli

It worked very weel for me


setpref leads to undesirable behavior when running many instances of matlab at once.

John D'Errico

With the bugfix, capability of a stack and some time to
test it out, its now time to upgrade my last rating. Its a
clean code that does its job well.

Peter Bodin

Please do not download the version from 2005-08-10. This version introduced another bug. Wait until the date 2005-08-11 or later is registered under the Changes heading below. /PB

John D'Errico

Its quite nice, allowing me to hop around directories
simply, then pop back. I like the ability to go to a
directory that holds an existing function.

I did want to be able to do several pushes, then pop
back up the stack. I might have given it a 5 rating had
this been possible.

There is a minor bug however. The initial addpref call was
missing a third argument.

if ~ispref('pushd','pushed')

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R14SP1
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: Quick Folder Navigation

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