A simple 3D-bubbleplot.
Updated 2 Aug 2009

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BUBBLEPLOT3(x,y,z,r), where x, y, z and r are four vectors of the
same length, plots bubbles of radii r in 3-space with centers at
the points whose coordinates are the elements of x, y and z. If r
is a matrix of size numel(x)x3, BUBBLEPLOT3 produces ellipsoids with
centers x(i),y(i),z(i) and radii r(i,1), r(i,2) and r(i,3).

BUBBLEPLOT3(x,y,z,r,c), where c is a rgb-triplet array (in [0,1])
with numel(x) rows, plots bubbles with colours specified by c.

BUBBLEPLOT3(x,y,z,r,c,Alpha), where Alpha is a scalar with value from
0.0 to 1.0, plots bubbles with FaceAlpha Alpha.

BUBBLEPLOT3(x,y,z,r,c,Alpha,n,m), where m and n are scalar values that
decides the size of the arrays used to render the bubbles.
The largest radius in the set is rendered with (n+1)x(n+1) points.
To increase efficiency, the number of rendering points used is
decreasing linearly with the radius but is never rendered with
fewer points than (m+1)x(m+1).

Any property-value pair setting valid for a SURFACE object can be
passed as optional parameters.

BUBBLEPLOT3 returns a column vector of handles to surface objects.

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Peter (PB) Bodin (2024). BUBBLEPLOT3 (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/8231-bubbleplot3), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired: JuGEx - Julich-Brain Gene Expression

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