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Check Whether a Point Lies Inside,Outside or On a Circle

version (1.37 KB) by Divakar Roy
Checks whether a point lies inside,outside or on a circle defined by 3 other points.


Updated 24 Jun 2011

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This program checks whether a point (x,y) lies inside,outside or on a circle defined by 3 other points.

Syntax: iscircle(X,Y,x,y), where X=[x1 x2 x3] and Y=[y1 y2 y3]. Thus, a circle can be made out of these 3 points-->(x1,y1), x2,y2)&(x3,y3).
Program checks whether point (x,y) lies inside,outside or on the circle.
ans=0 ==> lie on the circle.
ans=1 ==> lie outside the circle.
ans=-1 ==> lie inside the circle.

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Thanks a lot..It Worked!!


i want to find out the N coordinate point in space of 2000 m x 2000m. but constraints is that two co ordinate point are does not intersect within the radius of 200m of each other.
pl. help me for making such program in matlab.


hi, i looked for a code to check a point is inside a circle and i found this one. i tried to work on this code. but i didn't understand the 3 points--> (x1,y1),(x2,y2),(x3,y3). pls help me find that.

Nilimb Misal

nice work. simple and fast

Jérôme My Last Name


add these modifications to your code :


This will let you check multiple points location at the same time.
Use SIGN here to avoid "if" condition.



Added screenshot.

As suggested by Jerome, i have made the modifications.
So now it works very fast.Thank you Jerome.

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