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Manually enter matrix elements in a GUI, then save to a *.MAT file.


Updated 25 Aug 2005

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This is a general-purpose array editor, developed using GUIDE.

It is called OceanMap because of the purpose for which I designed it. You may wish to change the name.

If necessary, you should find it easy to make the function return the output matrix rather than saving it to a .MAT file.


- The number of rows and columns can be updated actively, without losing data already contained in the matrix

- You should call OceanMap from the command line, as clicking on the .fig file doesnt work: The ActiveX FlexArray doesn't initialise.

- Currently, Multidimensional Arrays are not supported... I'd be pleased to hear if anyone modifies the software for extra dimensions.

- The output matrix DOES NOT CONTAIN row and column numbers, although it wouldn't be a lot of effort to make it do so.

Background Information:

OceanMap was originally created for the purpose of tracking a submersible vehicle using a grid painted onto the floor of a water tank. Technicians use it to input the grid pattern and convert it to matrix form.

A separate piece of software compares the matrix from OceanMap to numbers seen by an on-board camera to compile the track of the submersible.

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Luigi Giaccari

That'is it Ifound
Mister clark there is nothing wrong in my pc, maybe you should
turn the profile off when you run a new test try this. Especially
before giving low and inappropriate rating.

% profile on
% profile clear


%Maybe you forgot this !!!!

profile off

profile off

profile off

profile off


Npoints = logspace(1,6,15);
lengthN = numel(Npoints);
convhull_times = zeros(lengthN,1);
chull2d_times = zeros(lengthN,1);
for i = 1:lengthN
chull1 = convhull(x,y);
convhull_times(i) = toc;
chull2d_times(i) = toc;

hold on
legend({'Native convhull';'convhull2d'})
title('Performance comparison')
% profile viewer

Tom Clark


ActiveX objects do not (usually) have a visibility property. Nor can they be embedded in an uipanel (which of course may be hidden along with it's contents).

The only way to hide activeX objects (that I know of) is to move them:
>move(handle,[x y wdth ht]);
check out the help on move for more info. Don't forget to save the original position so you can move it back!

Kind Regards


Michele Micheli

Thank you!

just a question: is it possible to Hide/unHide the FlexGrid control?

Eugene Perlovskiy

Thank's for good example.
However, I don't know how use the ColWidth property of flexArray. I want to exchange a column width in flexArray. Can you help me?

gustavi asti

finally something usefull

Simon Pierre Bessala

You helped me!

ahmad alqadad

merci beaucoup

Huseyin Demir

Dimitri Shvorob

Thank you.

Wolfgang Stiegmaier

Although you used nice sounding function names like savethedamnfile(...), you forgot to use better description tags for the GUI elements.

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