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The program calculates the anisotropy spectrum in the microwave background radiation.


Updated 16 Sep 2005

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1. the program calculates the matter power spectrum, temperature spectrum, polarisation- and cross-correlation spectrum of a curved or flat Friedman-Robertson-Walker universe.

2. it calculates the age of the universe, sigma8 and the age of the first start formation.

3. massless neutrino's, reionisation and the scalar spectral index for inflation are included.

4. we use adiabatic initial conditions and the recombination theory of Seager et al.

5. based on the direct line-of-sight integration approach of U.Seljak and M.Zaldarriaga.
5. choice between 0.5% accuracy (fast) or 0.1% accuracy.

6. the calculation of the ultra-spherical function for different wavenumbers is done in parallel (parallel solving of ODE's)

7.especially usefull for teaching and displaying to students (thanks to the nice graphical interphase)

8.when compiled, can be used to find the best match to observation of the Wilkinson Microwave probe as a function of parameters, such as Hubble constant, dark matter and baryon content of the universe etc.

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can this use for simple redshift simulation for planet

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