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JPRINTF allows printing formatted text to separate windows using MATLAB, Simulink, or Stateflow.


Updated 27 Jun 2011

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JPRINTF is a general replacement for the built-in fprintf function. In addition to printing to a file or the command window, JPRINTF can print formatted output to one or more text windows. The text windows resemble the command window and can be independantly positioned, editted, and printed.

The pull-down menus perform these functions:

File: open, save, save as, page setup, print, close

Edit: cut, copy, paste, select all, clear all

Format: font, foreground color, background color, wrap (on/off)

JPRINTF is programmed entirely in MATLAB and Java. It should work on any platform supported by The Mathworks. Included is a Simulink library that allows use of JPRINTF from within Simulink and Stateflow.

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Comments and Ratings (5)

Thierry Dalon

Inconvenient of jprintf is that you can not change window properties like Name etc directly. (see Malcom comment) (or you need to know how to do this with Java commands)
I prefer the "old" gprintf. here you get a real Matlab figure and can change its properties via usual Matlab commands.

Nelius Rossouw

I have used this for my thesis and it is really good. By using this you can really sort your data very neatly. The only thing it needs is a comand to clear the screen from the command window, something like jclc(-1).

Emin Kutay

excellent code, just what I needed....

Many thanks

Malcolm Wood

Very nice and very useful! It would be even better if it gave easy access to window properties- title, icon, position, visibility etc.

Ryan Ollos

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Created with R2010a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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