When was the Adoration of the Magi? Here is a mathematical model that attempts to answer this question.
Updated 10 Feb 2021

The Evangelist Matthew in Chapter II tells us the story of the Magi arriving in Jerusalem on their way to Bethlehem. After their meeting with King Herod the Great, they await the rising of the star that guides them. Then they make the trip to Bethlehem. In 2011, I attempted to verify this account based on the course of the conjunction of the year 7BC (Jupiter / Saturn - called the Star of Bethlehem by astrophysicists) and the exact course that the Magi had had to browse. This conjunction was visible in the skies of Israel between March 7BC and January 6 BC.

The model that emerges from this account has proven to be extremely rigid (mathematically speaking) - the only variable of adjustment being the speed of the Magi's caravan. But even there we do not have much room for adjustment.

Considering this model and its parameters, the question is: Is it possible that this event happened on December 25 of the year 7 BC?

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