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Image compression using SOFM using Wavelet

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SOFM algorithm is one of the Method for Image compression ...


Updated 18 Oct 2005

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The main objective of this project is to implement the concept of wavelet based compression to gray scale images using SOFM.Wavelet Transform is a superior approach to other time frequency analysis tools because its time scale width of the window can be stretched to match the original signal especially for image analysis.By using SOFM technique,we have made an attempt in employing lossy technique i.e., Vector Quantisation to encode the sub bands formed by the application of wavelet Transform.We have also used a clustering property of self organizing Feature Map of Kohonen,an unsupervised training algorithm formulated by Kohonen.Sofm serves as a tool for selecting the best vectors as they are being trained and the codebooks are formed using the trained vectors.Instead of storing the grayscale image,we store only the codebook and their corresponding index values.This reduces the space required to store the image,hence the compression of the image is achieved.

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I have gone through your code. Its good.I will be thankful to you if you send me the code for SOFM algorithm based gray-scale image compression using Wavelets. My email

win kong

hello. Can i have the function of the SOFM and the concept of it?


I also have a very little knowledge on SOFM ,but i will study it hard.

tarik piere


sai ram krishna

i studied all the concept its excellent.....
i hav a very little knowledge on SOFM soo can i know where the concept of SOFM is used and what r the functions of the SOFM used..??



jay johnson

excuse me.can i ask what are the codebook and block size?the value...

nishul ben

Kareen nasar

shenus n

jeorge paul

mathi k

vidhya k

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