Vehicle Dynamics GUI

This is a Graphical User Interface to calculate the Yaw Moment Diagram and Phase Portrait of a vehicle based on the bicycle model.
Updated 5 Mar 2021

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Unzip the downloaded file and run V_GUI.m file to start the GUI

Yaw Moment Diagram (YMD) and Phase Portrait are usual plots to reflect the handling characteristics of a vehicle. YMD is very popular within the motorsport ambit whereas Phase Portrait is widely used for control oriented nonlinear systems. However, even though similar calculations are required for both, there are very few studies where both plots are related.

The Vehicle Dynamics GUI calculates and draws both plots based on the bicycle model. The employed tyre model for the calculation is the MF5.2 and the fitted tyre is the Hossier 18.0 x 7.5 10 R25B on a 7inches rim, broadly used by many Formula Student teams. Tyre fitting was done using OptimumTire software. Bicycle model default parameters come actually from a FStudent vehicle.

The input variables are the Front Wheel Angle (Delta), Side Slip Angle (Beta), Yaw Rate, Longitudinal Speed (Vx), rear tyres slip ratio (Kappa) and Torque Vectoring ratio (TV). This last one is just the commanded slip ratio difference between rear left and right tyres.

Output values are Front and Rear Slip Angle (Alpha F and R) and Lateral Forces (FY Front and Rear Axle), Lateral Acceleration (Ay), Yaw Moment (N), Yaw Acceleration (Yaw Acc), Side Slip Angle derivative (Beta dot), Rear Axle Longitudinal Force (FX Rear Axle), Longitudinal Acceleration (Ax), External Yaw Moment - Mz (coming from the rear axle longitudinal forces).

I believe the GUI might be interesting for some researchers. I also think that it might have bugs, the YMD calculation, for example, can be greatly improved. Some recoding is neccesary to change the tyre model, even though it could be done easily. If the tool results interesting I'd be happy to add some other usefull functionalities.

Tool has been programmed on Matlab 2018b, I think it should work for most of the versions. Control System Toolbox is required for system linearization.

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Andoni Medina Murua (2024). Vehicle Dynamics GUI (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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