Printing MATLAB errors (R14sp3 and later)

Produces formatted output from the information returned by "lasterror"
Updated 1 Sep 2016

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Following the long-awaited addition to MATLAB of a mechanism for retrieving the call stack at the time of the last error it is now possible to find out where in the code the error occurred even when an error has been caught by a "catch" statement.
However, the convenient hyperlinks which allow you to go directly to the source of the error are only available when the error is uncaught.

This function prints similar hyperlinks in the MATLAB command window even for errors which were caught. Simply type "ple" at any time, and details of the the last error, including hyperlinks to every point in the call stack, will be shown in the command window.

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Malcolm Wood (2024). Printing MATLAB errors (R14sp3 and later) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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