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Convert between SI and CGS units

version 1.0.0 (2.43 KB) by Rishabh Datta
Convert values from SI to cgs and vice versa for common physical quantities

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Updated 05 Jul 2021

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out = cgs2SI(val,type)
% Convert from cgs to SI units
% Example usage:
v = cgs2SI(10,'Velocity'); % Velocity, [cm/s] to [m/s]
B = cgs2SI(1,'Magnetic Field'); % Magnetic Field, [T] to [gauss]
out = SI2cgs(val,type)
% Convert from SI to cgs units
% Example usage:
v = SI2cgs(10,'Velocity'); % Velocity, [m/s] to [cm/s]
B = SI2cgs(1,'Magnetic Field'); % Magnetic Field, [gauss] to [T]

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Inspired: Get fundamental plasma physics parameters

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