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Read FCS 2.0, FCS 3.0 and FCS3.1 format flow cytometry files


Updated 22 Jun 2020

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[fcsdat, fcshdr, fcsdatscaled, fcsdat_comp] = fca_readfcs(filename);
Read FCS 2.0, FCS 3.0 and FCS 3.1 type flow cytometry data file and creates fcsdat array with the size of [NumOfPar TotalEvents].

Some important header data are also stored in the fcshdr structure:
TotalEvents, NumOfPar, starttime, stoptime and specific info for parameters
as name, range, bitdepth, logscale(yes-no) and number of decades.
[fcsdat, fcshdr] = fca_readfcs;
Without filename input the user can select the desired file using the standard open file dialog box.

[fcsdat, fcshdr, fcsdatscaled] = fca_readfcs(filename);
Supplying the third output the fcsdatscaled array contains also the scaled parameters. It might be useful for logscaled parameters.
[fcsdat, fcshdr, fcsdatscaled, fcsdat_comp] = fca_readfcs(filename);
In that case the script calculates the compensated fluorescence
intensities (fcsdat_comp) as well, if spillover data exist in the header
The program should work also in the case of Becton EPics DLM FCS2.0, CyAn Summit FCS3.0, FACSDiva, BD LSR-II, Partec, Accuri, Luminex, Attune NxT, Biorad ZE5 and BD FACS Melody type list mode files.
If you find unsupported LM file type please email me.

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Inspired: Ratiometric FRET, CytoMAP, Gating-ML

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