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Displays cell array with long strings in the command window.
Updated 1 Sep 2016

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SHOWCELL Displays cell array with long strings in the command window.
CELL\DISP Overloaded DISP method for cell arrays.
CELL\DISPLAY Overloaded DISPLAY method for cell arrays.

SHOWCELL(A) displays the contents of a cell array A in the command window. It will format the display so that long strings will display appropriately.

Typically, if a cell array contains long strings, it will not display the text:

>> A

A =

[3] 'this is a text.' 'hello'
[4] 'More text' [ 32]
[6] [1x54 char] [ 53]

SHOWCELL will display it properly:

>> showcell(A)
[ 3] 'this is a text.' 'hello'
[ 4] 'More text' [32]
[ 6] 'This is a very long text that may not show up properly' [53]

Acceptable numbers are of class DOUBLE, SINGLE, LOGICAL, UINT8, UINT16, UINT32, UINT64, INT8, INT16, INT32, INT64. Elements other than CHAR or numbers are displayed as the size and name of the object,
e.g. [1x1 struct]

SHOWCELL(A,'option1',value1,...) specifies optional arguments passed in in pairs. Valid options are (abbreviated names accepted):

'spacing' - column spacing. Default is 4 spaces.
'numformat' - number of digits OR format string (see SPRINTF) for numerical values. Default is 5 digits.

showcell(A, 'spacing', 5);
showcell(A, 'numformat', 3);
showcell(A, 'n', '%0.4f');
showcell(A, 'sp', 2, 'nu', 6);


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