Change color of grid lines without changing color of axis labels or box
Updated 10 Jun 2009

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Use this function to change the color of gridlines to a color different to the label and box color, which is currently not implemented in Matlab.

The general syntax for a call is:

gridcolor([ax1, ax2, ...], c_x, c_y, c_z)

Here ax1, ... are handles to existing axes (optional argument) and c_xyz are color specifications (e.g. 'r' or [1 0 0], also optional). If no axis handle is supplied, the call goes to the current axis (gca), if no color is supplied a standard color, which is defined in the first executable line of the file, is used.
The function should be called after the plot has been created and the grid has been turned on.

grid on
gridcolor([1 0 0], 'b')

This function is no longer tested for Matlab 6.5 or lower and will most likely not work for these versions. It should run on Matlab 7.0 or higher.

For further examples please refer to the examples in the header of the file.


PS.: I have included some lines from Yair Altmans "PropListener" example

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Sebastian Hölz (2024). gridcolor (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R14SP2
Compatible with any release
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Version Published Release Notes

Version 0.99
- No support for Matlab 6.5 or lower anymore
- Should now work as general purpose functions without restrictions
- Removed some bugs

09.01.2009 Fixed bug found by Christian S. Hansen. This prevented the axis and labels to be displayed correctly.

Found another small bug ...