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Compare GPUs using standard numerical benchmarks in MATLAB.

GPUBENCH times different MATLAB GPU tasks and estimates the peak performance of your GPU in floating-point operations per second (FLOP/s). It produces a detailed HTML report showing how your GPU

Use GPU Coder to generate optimized CUDA code for deep learning networks

GPU Coder generates optimized CUDA code from MATLAB code and Simulink models for deep learning, embedded vision, and autonomous systems. You can deploy a variety of pretrained deep learning networks

Explore the Mandelbrot Set using MATLAB and a GPU.

This application allows you to explore the wonders of the Mandelbrot Set in MATLAB with the help of a capable GPU. It is primarily intended as a demonstration of the different ways in which a MATLAB

Explore the Julia Set of the Mandelbrot Set using MATLAB and a capable GPU.

This application allows you to explore the Julia Set of the Mandelbrot Set in MATLAB with the help of a capable GPU. It is primarily intended as a demonstration of element-wise calculations using

performance gains above 1000x over matlab spmv can be observed with cuda compatible GPU.

bare-bone interface with cusp sparse class for gpus, support for single precision, real/complex. Usage:A=gcsparse(B,[format: 0=coo, 1=csr]);or A=gcsparse(col,row,val,[nrows,[ncols,[format]]]);input B

NVIDIA GPU Support from GPU Coder

the generated code on the target hardware board. It enables you to remotely communicate with the NVIDIA target and control the peripheral devices for prototyping.When used with GPU Coder™, you can

Forward and inverse 3D pseudo polar Fourier transforms and Radon transforms

the PPFT/Radon transforms for GPU computation.4) Direct inversion - Fast direct inversion for the PPFT/Radon transforms, running time is independent on the input data, no convergence criterion is

Monitoring of NVIDIA GPU devices

The NVSMI Toolbox is a set of functions that wrap the nvidia-smi executable shipped with the NVIDIA display driver (Linux and with 64bit Windows). It adds monitoring features of the NVIDIA GPU(s

Simulate electromagnetic wave propagation through free-form apertures, or off rough surfaces. Speed up the computation by using the GPU.

Huygens-Fresnel integral.Toolbox features are:* GPGPU computing, using Nvidia graphics cards with CUDA* fallback to CPU if no GPU is found* rough surface generation via spatial frequency filters and surface

Implementations of several state-of-the-art visual saliency detection algorithms.

A GUI for comparing the performance of different implementations of the heat equation on CPU and GPU

HEATEQGUI is an interactive GUI that lets you compare different ways for solving the heat equation. Only minor code changes were necessary to run the code on the GPU instead of the CPU. *

Use GPU in MATLAB to perform white-balance operation to input image.

This demo shows how to identify bottlenecks in code that is run on a CPU using the MATLAB Profiler. The computations forming the bottleneck in this example are then executed on the system's GPU

Tutorials on Parallel and GPU Computing with MATLAB

This submission contains all code examples used in tutorial series for Parallel and GPU Computing with MATLAB available here: http://www.mathworks.com/products/parallel-computing/tutorials.htmlTopics

These are the files used in the webinar on Feb. 23, 2011.

to seismic analysis (Kirchhoff migration, reverse time migration) 2 - Large data extension of the functionality shown in (1) and parallel computing for speeding up the processing time 3 - GPU extension

immiscible LB


by Gianni Schena

Implements Immiscible Lattice Boltzmann (ILB, D2Q9) method for two phase flows

How to create, train and quantize network, then generate CUDA C++ code for targeting Jetson AGX Xavier

data types. And then you can use GPU Coder to generate optimized CUDA code for the quantized network.This example shows how to create, train and quantize a simple convolutional neural network for defect


Version 1.1.0

by Laib Lakhdar

Vectorized multimodal LSTM using Matlab and GPU

Vectorized Long Short-term Memory (LSTM) using Matlab and GPU



by Stephen Becker

Code for Robust PCA

Calculate displacement, strain and stress from image sequences

3D tomographic reconstruction software

TIGRE: Tomographic Iterative GPU-based Reconstruction ToolboxTIGRE is a GPU accelerated software for big scale 3D tomographic reconstruction, being capable of reconstructing geometries such as Cone

Fast continuous max-flow algorithm to 2D/3D image segmentation developed in matlab, C and GPU

This software implements the fast continuous max-flow algorithm to 2D/3D image segmentation. It provides three implementations: matlab, C and GPU (cuda based). All the source files are provided. So

We implement the GVF force field on GeForce GPU using CUDA.

time, in this project we implement the GVF algorithm with GPU, which will accelerate the algorithm to a great extent.

Track optical distortions in a checkerboard pattern with high accuracy in real-time using the FCD method

FFT- Includes a live preview function- Runs on GPU without modificationsMore info: https://arxiv.org/abs/1712.05679



by Marius Pachitariu

Fast, complete two-photon pipeline

A GPU-enabled interactive demo of Navier-Stokes equations for incompressible fluids.

Compares the speed of the parallel computing toolbox functions vs CPU for finite difference

Simulates the heat equation, with constant heat capacity and thermal conductivity, using GPU (parallel computing toolbox) or CPU (matrix calculations). Includes results from Nvidia titan and i5-2500k

Implementation of the Weeks method for numerical Laplace transform inversion with GPU acceleration.

Weeks method. Particularly new here is the use of graphics processing unit [GPU] computing to accelerate the method.To assist the user, a wrapper (WeeksMethod.m) to the core inversion functions is

GPU portable implementation of the ray-triangle intersection method of Moller and Trumbore (1997)

% Ray-triangle intersection algorithm of Muller and Trumbore (1997)% formatted for arrayfun to allow hardware acceleration% Call with gpuarray and arrayfun to execute on the GPU: thjs% may give two



by Jerome Degallaix

An optical FFT code to simulate Fabry Perot cavities with arbitrary mirror profiles

Example of real-time object detection using YOLO v2 on NVIDIA GPUs

You can use GPU Coder™ in tandem with the Deep Learning Toolbox™ to generate code and deploy deep learning networks on embedded platforms that use NVIDIA® Jetson and Drive platforms. The pretrained

Extracts the centerlines (skeleton) of binary 2D images or 3D volumes using bit encoded thinning on the GPU.

This code provides implementation of the real-time thinning / centerline extraction techniquesproposed in "Real-time thinning algorithms for 2D and 3D images using GPU processors" (Wagner, 2019

Draws 3 arrows representing the basis vectors of an R3 coordinate system

Vectorized FDTD code with GPU functionality for the 3D case. Code is nicely organized and easy to understand.

A point source located at the center of the simulation domain generates electromagnetic radiation which then propagates through vacuum.Using a GPU for the 3D case, one can realize the performance

A Matlab Toolkit for Macroeconomic Models using Value Function Iteration

A Matlab Toolkit for Macroeconomic Models using Value Function Iteration. Automatically parallelizes on CPUs and GPU. Includes commands for simulating time series and stationary distributions, and on


Version 1.1.2

by Thurston Brevett

A MATLAB toolbox for ultrasound imaging and simulation

by default within MATLAB via mexcuda.Otherwise, for CUDA to work, nvcc must succesfully run from the MATLAB environment. If a Nvidia GPU is available and setup CUDA cache completes with no warnings


Version 1.0.3

by Matt J

Provides WHOS-like output for gpuArray variables in the current workspace.

Anyone who has worked with gpuArray objects through Matlab's Parallel Computing Toolbox may have found it frustrating that the whos command does not reveal as much information about data size and

Here are the serial and the GPU based implementation of our paper IEEE TIP.2013.2255304

our work. The serial implementation can be runned even if you don't have an NVIDIA GPU. But this is not the case of the parallel implementation. Everything is done as simple as possible in order to make

Functions for working with X-ray data measured in the Industrial Mathematics Computed Tomography Laboratory at the University of Helsinki.

. Many functions also require that the computer is equipped with a CUDA-enabled GPU. Computing CT reconstructions is a heavy task, and use of a GPU-based workstation is strongly recommended.The HelTomo

A modified version of the Mann-Kendall Test that works with autocorrelated data.

Incredible speed boost in comparison to the Matlab implementation. (interp2)

This code was inspired by Alexander Huth's bilinear interpolation approach( http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/20248 )also using the GPU's built-in bilinear texture interpolation

Collection of some "little" functions I wrote to make my life easier.


Version 1.0.1

by Tony Davis

Apple Metal GPU processing toolbox for MATLAB on macOS

MATLABMetalApple Metal GPU processing toolbox for MATLAB on macOS.Matlab runs extremely well on the new Apple Silicon Macs, but if you want the best possible performance from these new processors

埃博拉酱的并行计算工具箱,提供一系列实用的并行计算辅助功能: 自动删除长时间卡死的并行池 为无法一次性全部读入内存的大文件,提供单线程读写、多线程计算的解决方案 替官方修复MATLAB在含有非ASCII字符的主机名的主机上不能启动并行池的bug 将指定的GPU分配到并行进程 ……

BlockRWStream%为无法一次性全部读入内存的大文件,提供单线程读写、多线程计算的解决方案endclassdef(Abstract)IBlockRWer%为BlockRWStream所调用的读写器必须实现的抽象接口类endclassdef PoolWatchDog%并行池看门狗,可以自动删除长时间卡死的并行池endclassdef RemoteFunctionHandle%远程调用句柄。无论在哪个线程上调用,都会在创建对象的线程上执行end函数%将指定的GPU分配到并行进程function AssignGPUsToWorkers(UseGpu

MIB2 is an update package for segmentation of multi-dimensional (2D-4D) microscopy datasets

CUDA enabled parallel EM for Gaussian Mixture Models, providing over 100x performance increases.

This is the code used during the MATLAB for CUDA Programmers webinar

Runnable demos showcasing the GPU computing capabilities of Parallel Computing Toolbox. Comes with a reference implementation in non-GPU MATLAB used to verify the correctness of the GPU

Native Fourier implementation, support GPU computation and anisotropic voxel.

(z*pixelspacing(3)).^2/sigma(3)^2/2)); Remarks The outputs of gauss3filter(I), gauss3filter(I, 1) and gauss3filter(I, 1, [1 1 1]) are identical. To enable GPU computation (Matlab 2012a or later, CUDA 1.3 GPU are required), use

Demystifying Deep Learning: Semantic Segmentation and Deployment

Graphics chip assisted fast 2d convolution


Version 1.4.0

by Bradley Treeby

A MATLAB toolbox for the time-domain simulation of acoustic wave fields

MatConvNet: CNNs for MATLAB

vision applications. It is simple, efficient (integrating MATLAB GPU support), and can run and learn state-of-the-art CNNs, similar to the ones achieving top scores in the ImageNet challenge. Several

matlab wrapper for CUDA 2D and 3D GPU-accelerated convolution

C++/CUDA GPU-accelerated convolution in 2D and 3D. Based on NVIDIA cuda-samples convolutionFFT2D combined with matlab

White balance camera-rendered sRGB images (CVPR 2019)

chart for Set1 images.Graphical user interfaceWe provide a Matlab GUI to help tuning our parameters in an interactive way. Please, check demo_GPU.m. Code/GUI parameters and optionsK: Number of nearest

implementation of SIFT compiled on graphics card



by Dirk-Jan Kroon

Example, Matlab R2010B Cuda CONV2 on GPU using Cuda kernels

GPUCONV2 Two dimensional convolution on the GPU using Cuda. C = GPUCONV2(A, B) performs the 2-D convolution of matrices A and B. If [ma,na] = size(A), [mb,nb] = size(B), and [mc,nc] = size(C

Tutorial on Parallel and GPU Computing with MATLAB (9 of 9)

This submission contains code examples used in part 9 of tutorial series on Parallel and GPU Computing with MATLAB. This part covers using GPU-enabled MATLAB functions, executing NVIDIA® CUDA™ code

For multiple 3x3 real symmetric matrices, vectorized matrix operations, support GPU computation

Calculate the eigenvalues of many 3x3 real symmetric matrices. Computation is non-iterative, based on fully vectorized matlab matrix operations, and GPU computation is supported. It is fast and

This Matlab code can compress true color or gray-scale images using Fractal Image Compression

This Matlab code can compress true color or gray-scale images using Fractal Image Compression technique in gray scale. Also, you can use GPU for the acceleration. This code uses fixed S value

3D Linear Interpolation for GPU

This function is faster than MATLAB's griddedInterpolant function for the CPU, but slower than MATLAB's interpn function for the GPU. However, I've coded this using arrayfun. Since MATLAB does not

inpolygon function that works using gpuArray

This is a point-in-polygon function that can run on a gpu using large test point array sizes. It uses a simple ray-casting algorithm without pre-processing or "on" tolerance checks. Therefore it may

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