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Gantt Chart

Version 1.0

by Alexis Wang

Visualizes the start and end dates of various tasks in a project.

The Fill Between Area Curve creates a shaded area between two data series, effectively highlighting the region of overlap or difference.

Creates a chart with a mean line within a shaded confidence interval area.

A spike raster plot from spike time stamps with optional trial and group data.

This toolbox contains the MATLAB code for the technical article "Creating Specialized Charts with MATLAB Object-Oriented Programming".

Plots a line chart with a filled gradient using explicit triangulation for optimization.

Create a Venn/Euler diagram for sets which can be area-proportional.

bubblePieChart Creates a bubble pie chart.

A scatter where the color (and/or transparency) of the markers indicates the density of points.

A multi-color line based on a 2D trajectory with corresponding color data.

Create a thermometer style chart with a stem, bulb, and desired labels.

deltaplot creates multiple line segments, each showing the difference between pairs of values.

A bullet chart is a variation of bar chart which is used to show expected values against actual values.

Horizon Chart

Version 1.0

by Avinash

The Horizon Chart displays time-series data in a compact/layered format, improving readability and enabling comparison of multiple datasets

eventStackChart visualizes the duration of events by time-of-day or time-of-year.