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by Rik

Convert text to image

': public domain.'ascii': previously published in the text2im() function (FEX:19896 by Tobias Kiessling).'droid_sans_mono': Apache License, Version 2.0.'ibm_plex_mono': SIL Open Font License.'liberation_mono

Sloan Visual Acuity Eye Chart Optotype

Put text into the corner of an image in order to make their presentation better.

image.This function works with the neat function text2im.m, Convert text to an image, developed by Tobias Kiessling(Tboias Kiessling 2021). This function I modificate just the first part because gave me an



by Gus Lott

Image Acquisition for Behavioral Neuroscience

text2im.m converts a passed text string to a matrix which contains the the string as an image (simpl

Text2Im converts a passed string to a bw-image.Often it is necessary to burn in annotations in evaulated images. Since I didn't found an easy solution to do so, I wrote this programm to generate an

Pretrained GoogLeNet network trained on Places365 data set for image classification

network Usage Example: net = googlenet('Weights','places365');im = imread('test.jpg');sz = net.Layers(1).InputSize;im = imresize(im,[sz(1) sz(2)]);label = classify(net, im)% Show the image and the

Other_MEM_Text2Im converts a passed string, color, width, & height to a colored image.

Other_MEM_Text2Im converts a passed string, color, width, & height to a colored image.I used the file "text2im.m" in this url



by Kelly Kearney

Plot one or more lines with a shaded boundary (can represent error, confidence intervals, etc).

), '-bo');line([x([10 20 30 40]); x([10 20 30 40])], [ones(1,4)*-2;ones(1,4)*2], ...'color', ones(1,3)*0.5, 'linestyle', ':');text(x(10), sin(x(10))-0.2, {'\uparrow','Line','gap'}, 'vert', 'top', 'horiz', 'center');text

Creates a filled contour plot, with more precise control over colors than contourf.

, etc.):contourfcmap-pkg/FEX-function_handlecontourfcmap-pkg/arclengthcontourfcmap-pkg/contourcscontourfcmap-pkg/contourfcmapcontourfcmap-pkg/distance2curvecontourfcmap-pkg/fillnancontourfcmap-pkg/interparccontourfcmap-pkg/minmaxcontourfcmap-pkg/multiplepolyintcontourfcmap-pkg/parsepvcontourfcmap-pkg/pcolorbarSyntaxcontourfcmap(x,y,z,clev,cmap)contourfcmap(x,y,z,clev,cmap, Name, Value)h = contourfcmap(...)Descriptioncontourfcmap(x,y,z,clev,cmap) plots

String to image


by Serge

Convert text string to image

Convert text string to rgb image str2im - display example text str2im(str) - text as char array or cellstr str2im(str,pad) - margin: [N] or [H V] or [L R T B] as pixels or nan

When you have desired text in PDF documents saved in many folders

*: https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/19798-extract-text-from-a-pdf-documentOpen files in multiple folders: https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/245959-how-to-read-text-files-from-different-sub-folders-in-a-folder1. Download the code2. Insert the file path for your



by Chad Greene

Get RGB values of any point(s) on a figure from mouse click(s)

colorpicker gets RGB values from mouse clicks anywhere on a figure. PressReturn to exit. % Syntax colorpicker colorpicker(256) colorpicker(...,TextProperty,TextValue) RGB = colorpicker(...) [R,G,B



by Steve Eddins

Convert image pixels to HTML table showing pixel colors and values

im2html produces HTML text containing a table that displays the image pixel colors and values. When called with no output argument, im2html displays the HTML in the MATLAB Web Browser. When called

Averages the spectra associated with a particular region of a bmp Raman map image

pixels as you have spectra in the map2. use file->multidataset save to export the full list of spectra as txt files dirvar is the path to the directory containing the text files, Im is the bmp image

This function calculates the Color (C) score for ABCD calculation of skin lesions.

),... boundary(:,1),'g','LineWidth',2); hold on himage = imshow(im);set(himage, 'AlphaData', 0.5);text(0,-10,strcat('\color{red}\fontsize{12}Estimated Color Score:',num2str(Finalscore)))endend

This Script is useful in finding symmetry lines in Skin Lesions with extensions to any binary masks.

imread('test3.jpg');im = im2double(I);% Convert RGB to Gray via PCAlab = rgb2lab(im);f = 0;wlab = reshape(bsxfun(@times,cat(3,1-f,f/2,f/2),lab),[],3);[C,S] = pca(wlab);S = reshape(S,size(lab));S = S(:,:,1);gray =



by Jack

Overlay one greyscale image in colour atop another, e.g. for medical imaging, simply.

_overlay. These have to have the same in-plane size (i.e. size(im_underlay,1)==size(im_overlay,1); size(im_underlay,2)==size(im_overlay,2)). The result is a colour image of overlay superimposed on underlay, with

manual_thresh interactively select intensity levels band for image thresholding

it) but it has some more features:1. The possibility to choose a band of intensities rather than only the low threshold level.2. Editable texts and sliders were added to facilitate the use.3. The

Staker v0.6


by Kenneth Eaton

Staker is a 3-D artillery game inspired by Tank Wars and Scorched Earth.

fix recently. If you issue the command "feature('JavaFigures',0)", the button background colors will display as they should, although the formatting of other uicontrols and text will change a little too



by Christopher

A MATLAB unit test framework supporting new classdef files (r2008a)

ability to add tests via a multiselect file dialog, for quick and easy use.For those of you who prefer to run headless, there is also a simple text test runner with a clear API.A note of explanation: when

sets icons in the system-tray of your computer's desktop & enables setting/getting icon properties

that ICONIMAGE may be an image filename, or any image format accepted by Matlab's im2java function. ICONIMAGE may also be a two-arg pair [X,Map] (indexed image & color map). handle = SYSTRAY(ICON

open multiple images and preform multiple ROIs process

series. 2) Usage: [roi, im] = mmROI; (please don't forget to add a semicolon ";" at the end of this command. Otherwise, all image data will be showing onscreen!) a) The statistic data are in roi structures



by Peter Barnum

C2Mat allows OpenCV data structures to be transferred between C++ and Matlab.

and a Matlab window will run in separate threads. Using a COM interface, Matlab allows external programs (such as C2Mat) to access it. Using C2Mat to send text commands from your program will have the

Some simple programs and a script, that could be usefull using "Trajectories of eigenvalues"

(The comments in the program are in italian, I'm sorry.)In this archive there are just some simple functions about matrices, expecially to be used with the program perteig.m called "Trajectories of

'bwlargestblob' reads in a 2-d binary image and outputs a binary image, retaining only the largest b

connectivityoutim - Output binary image (with 1s and 0s)Example:im = imread('text.png');outim = bwlargestblob(im,8);figure; subplot(1,2,1); imshow(im);subplot(1,2,2); imshow(255*outim);