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A data distribution visualization that notably includes boxplots and violin plots in a light and clear manner.

The visualization includes: - Raw data - Mean - Median - Standard deviation - Boxplot - Notch - Violin plot (Parzen)Ideal for group comparison, before/after change assessment...Can be typically used

violin plot and ggtheme

violin plot and ggtheme


version 1.0.0

by Jasper Fabius

Violin plot

Simple violin plot function using 'fitdist' and 'patch' function.Options to make 1-sided violins, rotate the violin horizontally and add a line for the median.

Violin Plot


by Holger Hoffmann

Violin Plot based on kernel density estimation, using default ksdensity

This function creates simple violin plots by estimating the kernel density, using matlabs default ksdensity(). Given a matrix or table with m columns, you will get violins for each of the columns

Quickly create publication-quality plots: automatic colors & subplots, stats, violin/box plots, etc.

()) - box and whisker plots (stat_boxplot()) - violin plots (stat_violin()) - quantile-quantile plots (stat_qq()) of x data distribution against theoretical distribution or y data distribution. -

Scatter plot with dispersion along the x-axis to reflect the point density

Scatter plot with categories on the x-axis, with width determined by data point density (like a violin plot but with the width of the violin not explicitly drawn but rather setting the x-axis

Function for plotting multiple histograms side-by-side in 2D - better than boxplot.

The zip-file contains the following files for visualizing distributions:- distributionPlot.m: main function that allows creating violin plots - myHistogram.m: generate histograms with 'ideal' bin


version 1.0.0

by Man Ho Wong

An open-source MATLAB tool for drawing box plot and violin plot with automatic multi-way data grouping.

grpandplot: An open-source MATLAB tool for drawing box plot and violin plot with automatic multi-way data grouping.Man Ho Wong, 2022.Introductiongrpandplot features data grouping by multiple factors

Statistical testing and plots with significance level

Basic representations of two data groups as stripcharts and violin plots. Mann-Whitney U test and t-test are performed with significance level indicators.Dot plots and violin plots are described


version 1.1.4

by David Legland

Management of data tables, similar to dataframe in R, with enhanced plotting facilities.

violin plots for strictly positive data.

: https://fr.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/23661-violin-plots-for-plotting-multiple-distributions-distributionplot-m

Creation and analysis of biochemical constraint-based models: the COBRA Toolbox v3.0


version 1.07

by Ben Fulcher

Highly comparative time-series analysis

Draw a box plot with various display options

Automated construction of a legend. - Set box limits as percentiles. - Set whisker extent via various methods.- Use of weighted quantiles.- Creation of violin plots.

Single-cell Gene Expression Analysis Toolbox



by David Legland

Interactive GUI for Image Processing, Analysis and Vizualisation, similar to ImageJ

An improved box plot that shows the data-points along with the median and the quartiles.

underlying distribution (similar to violin plots).The code is designed to be an extremely customizable alternate for the built in boxplot function in MATLAB. The syntax is very similar to that of boxplot.

Produces sinaplots (density-scaled jittered plots)

Bar charts are bad and have polluted literature since forever. Violin plots can look weird. Strip charts, beeswarm plots, or box plots are better, but do not provide all the relevant information. To


version 4.5.7

by Biafra Ahanonu

CIAtah is a software package for calcium imaging analysis of one- and two-photon imaging datasets. https://github.com/bahanonu/ciatah