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by Yair Altman

A MATLAB toolbox for exporting publication quality figures

produced. Basic syntax: export_fig(filename, [handle], options...)For a list of available options, run: help export_fig or: doc export_fig or read here



by Jens Richter

toPPT is a powerful tool for generating powerpoint presentations programmatically defined in matlab.

MIB is a package for segmentation of multi-dimensional (2D-4D) microscopy datasets

MIB2 is an update package for segmentation of multi-dimensional (2D-4D) microscopy datasets

schemes Regions of interestsVirtual stacking mode for working with datasets that are larger than available memory Batch processing mode Data import/exportDirect import/export with Matlab , Fiji , Imaris

Generate a content-aware coarse triangulation of any image


Version 1.5.1


ParaMonte: Plain Powerful Parallel Monte Carlo MCMC Library for Bayesian optimization in MATLAB, Python, Fortran, C++, C.

MatDRAM is a pure-MATLAB Adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation and visualization library.

Exports data from MATLAB .fig file to HDF5 file.

This script exports the data and metadata contained within a MATLAB .fig file and puts it into an HDF5 file. Supports multiple subplots, error bars, axes labels, contour plots, histograms, and more

Matlab functions to plot 3D maps from indentation tests

Finite-element-based global DIC method (guarantee global kinematic compatibility and decrease noise by adding regularization penalties).

Adaptive Lagrangian Digital Volume Correlation - volumetric displacement and strain measurement based on a hybrid local-global approach

2D-AL-DIC(Augmented Lagrangian DIC) is a fast, parallel-computing DIC algorithm which also considers global kinematic compatibility.

Ogive optimization toolbox for deriving surface fluxes in challenging environments

DynaSim simplifies the process of building and simulating models of dynamical systems.



by Nicolas Martin

Visualization of 4D dynamical system.

A genetic algorithm is used to train a neural network controller to balance a stack of balls.



by Ben Hinkle

Functions for exporting figures.

A collection of 4 functions to make it easier to export figures for publication.

A modular code for teaching Surrogate Modeling-Based Optimization

Create publication quality graphics, allowing rgb color scaling, pdf output and correct fontsizes.

figure.Also, export of pdf file format is implemented with help from OliverWoodford's export_fig package, available athttp://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/23629-exportfigThe file format of the

Random walk model is made to explain the Brownian motion.

The export figure widget creates a basic toolbar button to export figures using export_fig

The Export Figure Widget creates a basic toolbar button to export figures using export_fig. Pressing the button opens an inputdlg to enter options for export_fig. The Export Figure Widget requires

Perform fast and efficient spectral clustering algorithms

Easily create publishable ready figures. Great used with export_fig or on its own.

)'), ylabel('People')pubgraph(h,14,2,'w')Note: This doesn't save the figures. You can do this using the save button on the figure toolbar or using export_fig or other Matlab Central Files.Also: I have a pretty old version of Matlab, if someone

Automatic ©Matlab application for fitting log-normal and 'power-law' distribution to empirical data, following the goodnes-of-fit based appr



by Christopher Thissen

Olivine LPO simulation



by Cyrus Eierud

Group ICA/IVA software (MATLAB)


Version 1.0.0

by Tor Wager

Core tools required for running Canlab Matlab toolboxes. The heart of this toolbox is object-oriented tools that enable interactive analysis

Finite element solution of a contact problem with a Tresca friction by the semismooth* Newton method.

A 3D FEM solver based on an energy minimization formulated in C^0 deformation including a new surface non-penetration term.

We provide an alternative to the function rotm2eul from Robotics System Toolbox and comparisons.

A quasistatic evolution of viscoelastic von Kármán plates.


Version 1.0.0

by John

This is an application written in MATLAB that can read GRIB1 files and visualize meteorological parameters.

, Github repository(https://github.com/nctoolbox/nctoolbox)export_fig by Oliver Woodford and Yair Altman, GitHub repository(https://github.com/altmany/export_fig/releases/tag/v3.34)Efficient GRIB1 data

PKPD model for ACE inhibition with benazapril or cilazapril

Crack Monitor

Version 1.0.1


Crack Monitor - A software for automation of fatigue crack-growth measurements.

Software for automation of fatigue crack-growth measurements.This software requires export_fig by Oliver J. Woodford and Yair Altman, which is already included.Also available at


Version 1.0

by John

Extracts the necessary parameters from the file and uses Hart's method to identify the location and intensity of a Medicane.

, R. Signell, A. Crosby, Github repository(https://github.com/nctoolbox/nctoolbox)export_fig by Oliver Woodford and Yair Altman, GitHub

A GUI for sovling TSP's using Simulated Annealing

Change format of the all the fig files in a folder

The function converts all ".fig" files in the current folder to imagefiles whose type can be specified.

Recognize musical pitch not only for simple instruments but also for Violin, Cello, Kamanche and etc



by Chad Greene

Easily export LaTeX equations as png, pdf, etc. using export_fig

A New Tool for Telomere Length Measurement from TRF Analysis

V053 - Conversion of a Matlab figure to a LaTeX file with PSTricks compatible macros

. The matlab code is based on the fig2tex file by Ercan Solak in 2005.You can also download the latest version on http://fig2texps.peter-scholz.netSupported Features: * 2D plots with arbitrary number



by Robert Cumming

GUI wrapper for export_fig - add toolbar items to any/all figures

Wrapper for export_fig - to add toolbar icons to all figure windows. efigure - figure with export-fig toolbar icons built in Add toolbar icons which for saving images to clipboard (PC only) or



by Ben

Media browsing, analysis and annotation


Version 1.0.1

by Brian DuChez

Automated tracking of fluorescently labeled cells

generate cell trajectories in seconds. Export migration statistics of cells to conduct hypothesis tests and generate figures. Sample TIFF movie and step-by-step tutorial provided.

Allows users to infer minimal and optimal statistical predictors from time series data.

Toolbox to help estimate SVAR and input inpulse responses

Draw any graph and export it as fig and save its adjacency matrix



by Matthias Pospiech

This package enables the use of all fonts that are supported by LaTeX in a figure.

matlabfrag to support also non math fonts.The linestyles are corrected using the ‘fix_lines.m’ script from export_fig. The major drawback of this approach is that it requires a complete LaTeX collection to

Fergus debluring algorithm

INSIDDE THz Toolbox provides various methods for THz image analysis.

Mobile Edge Computing scenario for deciding optimum computation offloading strategy and allocation of radio and computational resources.

EEG brain-computer interface system for providing real-time speech entrainment neurofeedback



by Kristin

JAABA: The Janelia Automatic Animal Behavior Annotator

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