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Synchronize Simulink node with PX4 SITL - ROS - Gazebo
You can syncronise Gazebo and Simulink with the Gazebo Pacer block in Simulink and a GazeboPlugin (provided by MathWorks) in you...

3 years ago | 1

Simulink ROS node with catkin build
My workaround is to first use catkin_make in catkin_ws_simulink, then copy the package produced in the src folder into my ~/catk...

3 years ago | 1

matlab 2020b rosgenmsg can't find CMake?
I had to use a different solution since the above solution did not solve the problem for me. I am using Matlab R2021a and Ubuntu...

3 years ago | 1

'Error in port widths or dimensions' for using Adaptive MPC controller
See my answer at: Its simila...

4 years ago | 1

Adaptive MPC: Dimension Error of Block Input
It is a bug in the Adaptive MPC block where it checks for the correct dimentions of the input ports. For some reason it does not...

4 years ago | 5