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How can I crop a set of non-binary images automatically depending on the size and position of each image?
I have a dataset of more than 1000 images. When I load them into Matlab (R2021b), they all are the same size, but the actual ima...

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How to change color in plot
Hi, You can specify any color by using RGB equivalent vectors (values from 0 to 1) such as: [0.5 0.5 0.5] https://es.mathworks...

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Creating a variable to from data in a matrix
Hi, you can select the first column starting from the third row doing this: selection = matrix(3:end,1);

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how can i ask user to input random numbers and automatically turn it into vector?
Hi, I am not an expert in this but you can try doing just this: for i=1:4 v(i)=input("Type a random number: "); end Yo...

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