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How to callback a matrix (which is an output of another function) in App Designer?
Add mu as an app property and in your startup function assign the matrix mu to See Link for more information.

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Copy results from a .mat file to existing excel file
You can use struct2array sz = size(testSetup,2); arrSz = sz*4; exportArr=[]; for i = 1:sz str = struct2array(testSetu...

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How to solve an equation with a variable that has multiple values?
Hey, you need to use the point operator: C=2*w./(p*v.^2*s) link for more information.

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How to apply/check changes in a Simulink Mask via callback?
A bit late but maybe this helps somebody: selected_block_handle = get_param(gcb,'Handle'); dlgs = DAStudio.ToolRoot.getOpenDia...

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