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Converting MatLAB Code to Matplotlib
You can convert any piece of matlab code to python. In this case you can use the scipy.optimize.curve_fit function to fit a poly...

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variance of an array
To approach this problem, you can create an array to store the variance values, and then update the appropriate element of the a...

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interp2 returns NaN when given points are within mesh boundaries
1- If all the the starting points you are generating are within the range of the x and y arrays, then make sure that you have su...

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How to extract data from array of [1 x 3] dimension using demux or other simulink block? I want to use this data for fuzzy obstacle avoidance controller as shown in figure.
This seems like a old query which I just ran into it, which no one had any comments on. However, my answer would shade some ligh...

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