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Amin Mahmoudi is PostDoc researcher at the Southeast University, Nanjing, China. He was selected as World's Top 2% scientists by Stanford University in 2023 in artificial intelligence. He published several research papers in high-quality journals such as Applied Soft Computing, Expert Systems With Applications, Business Strategy and the Environment, Computers & Industrial Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, etc. He also published two books in the field of Project Management. He is currently the guest and area editor of The Journal of Grey System, Journal of Project Management, SN Operations Research Forum, Management Science Letters and Modern Supply Chain Research and Applications. His main research interest is Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, project management and supply chain management.

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PHP, Javascript, MATLAB, HTML, CSS, Visual Basic
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Dynamic Grey Relational Analysis (DGRA)
Dynamic Grey Relational Analysis (DGRA) is a critical improvement of the Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) formula.

1 year ago | 4 downloads |



OPA Solver: A Solver for Multiple-Criteria Decision Analysis
The Ordinal Priority Approach (OPA) is a new method in multiple-attribute decision-making context.

2 years ago | 6 downloads |



Weighted Kendall’s W
Weighted Kendall’s W is proposed by Mahmoudi et al. (2022) to check the agreement among raters while the importance of raters is...

2 years ago | 4 downloads |