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For loop checking if number is prime (without using MATLAB functions)
It appears that it has to do with when you set y2. In short, you are only reporting back the y2 value when i=ceil(x2/2).

9 months ago | 0

How to add elements to the end of an array?
gamma = [alpha beta];

5 years ago | 8

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My output in the workspace is a 1x1 dataset after I use the out block in Simulink
The data should be stored in the dataset, but must be retrieved, using a function such as getElement. I suggest looking at this...

5 years ago | 0

how to only have a certain amount of numbers in an input of as many characters and number that the user wants
If they must enter exactly 10 numbers and any number of characters, I would change your code to prompt = 'Enter at least 10...

5 years ago | 0