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Reading PCAP files on Matlab
For completeness: If you have access to 5G Toolbox, there is built-in pcapReader function that has been available since R2021b....

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Image compression huffman coding
This page is still getting a fair number of views, so I wanted to summarize the discussion. As it has been pointed out, the pro...

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Matlab Code for Performance Analysis (BER vs Eb_N0) of BPSK, QPSK & 16QAM, on 4G LTE
You also use the berawgn function from Communication Toolbox to generate these curves. The code above uses the formulas for BER...

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creating sine wave with variable frequency
You can take a more direct/trivial approach to generate sin(2*pi*f*t) with a variable f (model attached). The follow-up que...

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How to plot delta dirac and unit step functions
This question is old, and the comments contain good hints on how to solve it, but I thought it might be instructive to put the c...

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One tap equalizer design (MMSE equalizer and ZF equalizer)
Answer provided by Chaitanya to item (1) is correct. On item 2: Changing N to 11 (as the OP suggested) does not work because th...

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Communication Systems Reference Curves
These files show how to match expected theoretical results by Monte Carlo simulations.

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