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which function works for identifying numbers?
Detecting numbers is a form of OCR which is a non-trivial task. If you want a solution that works out of the box, you will have ...

12 years ago | 0

How can I find the point spread function (PSF) to a motion-blurred image with the help of noisy image?
If you have the original image and the blurred image, you could probably deconvolve your blurred image with the original image. ...

12 years ago | 0

Using spectral subtraction technique to reduce noise in audio file
Well, I think that the presentation of the file on file exchange says a lot about how it works. It looks like they transform the...

12 years ago | 0

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non linear fitting of two parameter, one parameter is never changing ...
Assuming you use fminsearch, it will only optimize on the variable x. If you want to optimize on more than one variable, you hav...

12 years ago | 0


Can Matlab vectorize a generic recursion function?
Hi. I am experimenting with some specialty IIR filters, and the for-loop implementation is just too slow. I have searched, but ...

13 years ago | 2 answers | 2



Plotting two matrices with similar dimensions having one superimposed on the other while keeping the scale of one only
There is a solution on file exchange that does exactly this.

13 years ago | 1

GUI radio button
Sure you can. Just set the Value property of the radio button to 0 or 1 depending on what you want. To make sure the user doesn...

13 years ago | 1

Copying Figure to word
Well, a work-around is to save/export the figure to disk and then import the saved image into word. I like to do that because it...

13 years ago | 0

Is it possible to embed my MATLAB code in LAB View VI?
You can embed simple Matlab code in VI using the Matlab box. However, VI only supports a subset of Matlab, so you need to keep t...

13 years ago | 1