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Semantic Segmentation Issue with output size
Hi Gabriel, Apparently there is an difference between the output size and your classes. It is difficult to debug that since m...

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Semantic Segmentation using Deep Learning: Does MATLAB's SegNet implementation support dropout layers?
Hi Chase, I'm working on something similar here. From my understanding in DNN you can use dropout layers after your connected la...

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How to connect microsoft kinect studio as kinect v2
I've found the solution my self. First some comments: The matlab support package does not recognize the Kinect Studio connect...

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How to connect microsoft kinect studio as kinect v2
So, I have videos from a Kinect v2 (.XEF). I know that when I open then o Kinect studio I can access on c#/c++ applications as a...

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Microsoft Kinect V2 with Matlab
Supported since R2016a. More info and examples here: <> <h...

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