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AUTOSAR Blockset

Design and simulate AUTOSAR software


AUTOSAR Blockset provides an AUTOSAR dictionary and blocks for developing Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR software using Simulink® models. You can define AUTOSAR software component properties, interfaces, and datatypes, and map them to existing Simulink models using the AUTOSAR editor. Alternatively, the blockset provides an application interface that lets you automatically generate new Simulink models for AUTOSAR by importing software component and composition descriptions from AUTOSAR XML files.

AUTOSAR Blockset provides blocks and constructs for AUTOSAR library routines and Basic Software (BSW) services, including NVRAM and Diagnostics. By simulating the BSW services together with your application software model, you can verify your AUTOSAR ECU software without leaving Simulink.

AUTOSAR Blockset supports C and C++ production code generation and AUTOSAR XML file export (with Embedded Coder®). It is qualified for use with the ISO 26262 standard (with IEC Certification Kit).

Modeling AUTOSAR Software Components

Model AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Software Components by configuring AUTOSAR properties, and map Simulink elements to AUTOSAR specifications.

Model AUTOSAR Classic Software Components

Automatically create an AUTOSAR Classic software component with default AUTOSAR ports, interfaces, and other configurations in Simulink.

Model AUTOSAR Classic software components.

Model AUTOSAR Adaptive Software Components

For AUTOSAR Adaptive platform, use AUTOSAR Blockset to automatically generate software components with default AUTOSAR ports, service interfaces, and other configurations in Simulink.

Model AUTOSAR Adaptive software components.

Configure Advanced AUTOSAR Properties

Edit and map the advanced AUTOSAR properties for both AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive models using the AUTOSAR editor and dictionary.

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Simulating AUTOSAR Compositions and ECUs

Model and simulate AUTOSAR software components and compositions together with Basic Software (BSW) services.

Scaling from Software Components to Compositions

Create AUTOSAR software compositions from software components using model references. Visualize the behavior of the compositions with Dashboard blocks.

Simulation of compositions including input controls and Dashboard blocks.

Blocks for Simulating AUTOSAR BSW Services

Use blocks and constructs for BSW services, including NVRAM Manager and Diagnostics Event Manager, to simulate BSW services together with your application software model. Verify your AUTOSAR ECU software directly in Simulink.

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Simulate and Test Software Compositions

Model and simulate the behavior of compositions within Simulink. Optionally perform back-to-back testing workflows for AUTOSAR composition models with Simulink Test™.

Testing AUTOSAR compositions.

Importing and Exporting AUTOSAR Description Artifacts (ARXML Files)

Develop AUTOSAR software components using bottom-up, top-down, and round-trip AUTOSAR architecture and design workflows.

Starting with the Simulink Model

Use an existing or newly created Simulink model and configure it for AUTOSAR using the AUTOSAR Editor. Then use Embedded Coder to generate ARXML files (a bottom-up AUTOSAR workflow).

Using the AUTOSAR Component Quick Start tool to configure AUTOSAR properties.

Starting with the AUTOSAR Architecture

Import ARXML files from an AUTOSAR authoring tool as Simulink components and composition models. Then model the detailed design in Simulink. Update the model when updated ARXML files become available (a top-down AUTOSAR workflow).

Iterating Between the Simulink Models and Your AUTOSAR Architecture

Update Simulink model configured for AUTOSAR, export updated ARXML files, and merge into the AUTOSAR authoring tool; export updated ARMXL files from the authoring tool, then import ARXML files to merge architectural changes in the Simulink model (a round-trip AUTOSAR workflow).

Iterating between the Simulink model and AUTOSAR Architecture.

Generating and Verifying Code from AUTOSAR Software Components

Generate and verify production C and C++ AUTOSAR code.

AUTOSAR Production Code Generation

With Embedded Coder, generate C/C++ code and AUTOSAR XML files. Perform SIL and PIL tests with the code for verification.

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Blocks and Code Replacements for AUTOSAR Library Routines

Use preconfigured AUTOSAR blocks and code replacements to generate optimized library routines for AUTOSAR Classic applications.

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ISO26262 Qualification and MISRA-C Compliance

Qualify Embedded Coder generated code for ISO 26262 with IEC Certification Kit. Verify your generated AUTOSAR code for MISRA-C compliance, check for run-time errors, and look for mismatches between the code and AUTOSAR ARXML descriptions using Polyspace Code Prover™.

Polyspace Bug Finder can detect violations of the AUTOSAR C++14 coding standard.

Latest Features

AUTOSAR Blockset Replaces Embedded Coder Support Package for AUTOSAR Standard

The new AUTOSAR Blockset is available with MATLAB and Simulink for model simulation. Embedded Coder is required to generate AUTOSAR C/C++ code and XML component descriptions for AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Platforms.

AUTOSAR Perspective

Map and configure software components by using Code Mapping Editor and AUTOSAR Dictionary

AUTOSAR Classic Release 4.3.1

Import and Export AUTOSAR XML support is extended to the schema version 4.3

AUTOSAR Adaptive

Support for the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform Release 18.10

AUTOSAR Compositions

Import AUTOSAR compositions as Simulink models

Blocks for Basic Software Services

Use Blocks for modeling and simulating Basic Software services, including Diagnostic and NVRAM

Blocks for AUTOSAR Library Routines

Generate AUTOSAR IFL and IFX library routines for interpolation using AUTOSAR lookup table blocks

See release notes for details on any of these features and corresponding functions.

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