Use MATLAB ® application deployment products to share your work outside o MATLAB without having to recode your algorithms.
Build standalone applications and software components from MATLAB ® programs using MATLAB Compiler™
Create MATLAB web apps using MATLAB Compiler.
Package MATLAB ® programs as standalone applications using MATLAB Compiler™. Share these applications royalty-free with users who do not have MATLAB.
Get started with MATLAB map-reduce/Spark executables in Microsoft Azure HDInsights clusters. Learn how to configure Azure HDInsight to automatically install the MATLAB run time on each node in the cluster.
Process big data on an Apache Spark cluster using MATLAB. Statistics and machine learning are applied to multiple years of data from New York City taxis to gain insights and predict taxi fares.
Share your MATLAB ® algorithms and visualizations with users of Microsoft ® Excel ® who may not otherwise need to use MATLAB. This royalty-free sharing is facilitated by MATLAB Compiler™.
Use mapreduce to analyze big data and run MATLAB ® analytics on Apache Hadoop.
In R2015a, the application deployment products transitioned from four products to two. This video provides a brief overview of that transition so that customers and support staff understand how and...