VPixx Vision Research Hardware

DATAPixx, VIEWPixx, & PROPixx video processing and display hardware families


  • Enables microsecond synchronization between I/O and audio-visual stimulation
  • Interfaces with TRACKPixx 2000Hz binocular eye tracker
  • Interfaces with PROPixx 1440Hz DLP projector
  • Compatible with EEG, fMRI, and MEG test rooms
  • Integrates seamlessly with Psychtoolbox, used by the majority of vision science laboratories
  • Free support from VPixx staff scientists


VPixx Technologies supplies quality instruments to researchers and teachers in the fields of visual psychophysics, electrophysiology, cognition, and fMRI. The DATAPixx series are complete multi-function data and video processing USB peripherals for vision research. DATAPixx hardware can be delivered as part of the VIEWPixx and PROPixx products or standalone to work with your own monitors connected through standard interfaces (DisplayPort, DVI, VGA).  DATAPixx includes a dual-display video processor and an array of peripherals which can be synchronized to video during an experiment. These include a stereo audio stimulator, a button box port for precise reaction-time measurement, triggers for electrophysiology equipment, and a complete analog I/O subsystem. Users can synchronize subject I/O to video refresh with microsecond precision.

The VIEWPixx series are complete display solutions to replace CRTs in vision science labs. It features high-performance industrial LCD glass and a panel controller specifically designed to support vision research. Its innovative LED backlight design features superior display uniformity, and a wide color gamut exceeding that of any CRT.  The DATAPixx product and capabilities are provided as a component of each VIEWPixx product.

PROPixx is a unique DLP LED projector designed to be a flexible platform for vision research. PROPixx features a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, and can be driven with refresh rates up to 480 Hz in RGB mode (1440 Hz greyscale) with deterministic timing. It uses high brightness LEDs, giving high bit depth, and high frequency full color stimulation along with a larger color gamut and much longer lifetime than halogen light sources (60,000 hrs vs 2,000 hrs). PROPixx is available with different lens options for CRT-replacement applications or MRI/MEG applications. The DATAPixx product and capabilities are provided as a component of each PROPixx product.

VPixx Technologies also offers integrated eye-tracking solutions to meet all of your research needs.  From the low-cost 120 Hz TRACKPixx /mini for easy fixation detection, to the high-performance 2 kHz TRACKPixx3 for gaze-contingent displays, saccade analysis, and synchronized I/O. TRACKPixx is seamlessly integrated with our data acquisition systems and displays for streamlined experiment control.

Scientists can integrate VPixx hardware into their own MATLAB code using our software APIs. All instruments ship with Datapixx.mex software, which is an extension of Psychtoolbox software, which itself is a MATLAB community toolbox used by most vision scientists around the world.


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