Database Toolbox

Driver Installation

Database Toolbox™ connects to any relational ODBC-compliant or JDBC-compliant database using ANSI SQL. To connect to Database Toolbox, you need the database-specific ODBC or JDBC driver installed on your computer.

ODBC Drivers

Your computer might already have the appropriate ODBC driver installed. To see which drivers are installed on your computer, check the Microsoft® ODBC Data Source Administrator or refer to Getting Started in the Database Toolbox documentation.

If you need to install an ODBC driver for your database, consult your database administrator or refer to your database documentation for instructions about obtaining the appropriate ODBC driver. Once you have installed the driver, you can create a data source and establish connection to your database.

JDBC Drivers

You need to install the driver (JAR file) on your computer. Here are links to download and install JDBC drivers for popular databases:

If your database is not listed, either search for an appropriate JDBC driver from your database provider or consult your database administrator. Once you have installed the JDBC driver, you can add it to the MATLAB® Java® class path and connect to the database.

MySQL Native Interface

You need to install the appropriate driver for your operating system. For the Windows® and macOS operating systems, use this link to download and install the driver. For Linux®, use this link.