• Connect MATLAB ® to a Bloomberg ® terminal, server, and B-PIPE to query instrument information, identify field information, and retrieve selected historical or real-time financial data.
  • Connect MATLAB ® with Thomson Reuters Datastream to retrieve global financial and macroeconomic data.
  • Implement data-management workflows without prior knowledge of Microsoft ® SQL programming by using the Database Explorer app.
  • Use tables to collect, filter, modify, and manipulate financial data with Financial Toolbox™.
  • Key to developing successful investment strategies is ongoing research, and this depends on the pace of investigating and understanding new ideas. Two variables can influence this speed of research...
  • Learn how MATLAB ® is used to construct the next generation of Global Cost Indexes and how these indices are used to back-test investment ideas and evaluate broker performance.
  • Learn how BlackRock uses state-space modeling to analyze exchange traded products.
  • Use MATLAB ® to analyze news sentiment with data from RavenPack ® .