Get an On-Demand License for MATLAB Parallel Server

If you have short-term needs for scaling, you may benefit from MATLAB Parallel Server™ on-demand licensing. Using on-demand licensing, you can scale on clusters and clouds and pay only for what you use.

When using MATLAB Parallel Server on-demand, MathWorks® will charge your credit card monthly, in arrears, for the accrued worker-hours of your compute jobs. You are solely responsible for any additional billing for infrastructure and resources that you may incur.

To determine if you are eligible to use on-demand licensing, refer to the requirements and availability section below.

Alternatives to On-Demand Licensing

Note that depending on your situation, an alternative might be better suited for your needs. 


For students and staff at an educational institution with a Campus-Wide License, MATLAB Parallel Server for Campus-Wide Licenses may already cover your needs and an on-demand license is not necessary. Check if your school has access.

Annual and Perpetual

If you do not have access to a Campus-Wide License and are not eligible for on-demand licensing, or have long-term needs for scaling, an annual or perpetual MATLAB Parallel Server license configured for online licensing may better fit your needs. Contact Sales for more information.

Get an On-Demand License Immediately Through MATLAB and MathWorks Cloud Center

If you are in the US or Canada, you can immediately get an on-demand license for MATLAB Parallel Server through the Cloud Center UI in MATLAB.

MathWorks Cloud Center enables you to start MATLAB Parallel Server clusters on Amazon® Web Services (AWS®) using your AWS account and a MATLAB Parallel Server license set up for online licensing. You can access Cloud Center via the web app or using the Cloud Center UI in MATLAB. The clusters you start with Cloud Center can be accessed from your MATLAB session like any other cluster.

The Cloud Center UI in MATLAB can automatically create a new MATLAB Parallel Server on-demand license for you, if you do not already have access to an online license. If you already have access to a MATLAB Parallel Server online license, the Cloud Center UI will automatically use that online license, instead of creating a new MATLAB Parallel Server on-demand license.

To access the Cloud Center UI in MATLAB:

  1. Click the Parallel menu on the MATLAB toolstrip, then click Create and Manage Clusters.
Step 1
  1. In the Cluster Profile Manager, select Create Cloud Cluster and complete the required steps.
Step 2

Alternative Method to Request an On-Demand License

If you are unable to get an on-demand license through MATLAB and MathWorks Cloud Center and you meet the requirements below, then you can request an on-demand license for MATLAB Parallel Server by starting with the question below. This process will take multiple business days.

Do you already have Parallel Computing Toolbox?