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Model-Based Calibration Toolbox

Model and calibrate engines

Model-Based Calibration Toolbox™ provides apps and design tools for optimally calibrating complex engines and powertrain subsystems. You can define optimal test plans, automatically fit statistical models, and generate calibrations and lookup tables for complex high-degree-of-freedom engines that would otherwise require exhaustive testing using traditional methods.  Calibrations can be optimized at individual operating points or over drive cycles to identify the optimal balance of engine fuel economy, performance, and emissions. Using apps or MATLAB® functions, you can automate the calibration process for similar engine types. 

Models created with Model-Based Calibration Toolbox can be exported to Simulink® to support control design, hardware-in-the-loop testing, and powertrain simulation activities across the powertrain design team. Calibration tables can be exported to ETAS INCA and ATI Vision.

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