• See how to use MATLAB, a simple webcam, and a deep neural network to identify objects in your surroundings. This demo uses AlexNet, a pretrained deep convolutional neural network that has been...
    Learn how to use transfer learning in MATLAB to re-train deep learning networks created by experts for your own data or task.
    Explore deep learning fundamentals in this MATLAB Tech Talk. You’ll learn why deep learning has become so popular, and you’ll walk through 3 concepts: what deep learning is, how it is used in the real world, and how you can get started.
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    Explore the basics of convolutional neural networks (also called CNNs or ConvNets) in this MATLAB Tech Talk. You’ll learn 3 concepts: local receptive fields, shared weights & biases, and activation & pooling. You’ll also learn 3 ways to train CNNs.
    Use graphical tools to apply neural networks to data fitting, pattern recognition, clustering, and time series problems.
  • Identify the winery that particular wines came from based on chemical attributes of the wine.
  • Prepare data and train machine learning models with MATLAB ® .
  • Model the position of a levitated magnet as current passes through an electromagnet beneath it.