The R2020b release of Simulink Real-Time is a major update with several feature enhancements and a licensing change. This page provides an overview of the updates and capabilities including videos and other resources to help you get started with the latest version of Simulink Real-Time.

New Capabilities

  • 64-bit POSIX compliant real-time operating system (RTOS): Robust multi-process RTOS designed to meet constrained real-time application resource requirements
  • Instrument panels and apps: Design apps with App Designer to tune parameters and monitor signals from real-time applications 
  • New Simulink Real-Time Explorer: Configure Speedgoat target computers and control a real-time application, including monitoring signals, tuning parameters, and streaming data to Simulation Data Inspector
  • Upgrade Advisor for Simulink Real-Time: Automatically upgrade models created in prior versions to take advantage of new 64-bit RTOS
  • New File Log Block: Enable and disable logging during real-time execution, log multiple runs while disconnected from MATLAB, and import logged data to MATLAB and Simulation Data Inspector
  • Support for test engineering workflows: Develop test and calibration apps and scripts that interact with a real-time application only requires MATLAB and Simulink Real-Time
  • See product requirements

For more information about the major update to Simulink Real-Time, please refer to the release notes.

Updating Speedgoat Target Computers

You can reconfigure your Speedgoat target computer with the new RTOS. Watch this video to learn how to update your target machine.