MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board (MAAB)

The MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board (MAAB) was originally established to coordinate feature requests from several key customers in the automotive industry. The inaugural meeting in July 1998 involved Ford, Daimler Benz, and Toyota.

The MAAB is an independent board that develops guidelines for using MATLAB®, Simulink®, Stateflow® and Embedded Coder®. MathWorks hosts the guidelines, but does not create them. To develop Version 3.0 of the guidelines, the MAAB used MathWorks Release 11b. Model Advisor checks included in Simulink Check were developed using Version 3.0 of the MAAB guidelines and are verified for each MathWorks software release.

MAAB meetings now involve many of the major automotive OEMs and suppliers, and focus on the usage and enhancements of MathWorks controls, simulation, and code generation products including Simulink, Stateflow, and Embedded Coder.