Using MATLAB and Simulink in the Cloud

Why Use MATLAB and Simulink in the Cloud?

Engineers and scientists can speed up their workflows by using MATLAB and Simulink in the cloud, gaining access to powerful computational resources, software tools, and secure data storage. Discover how you can use MATLAB and Simulink for your projects:

Interactive Design and Development

Access MATLAB and Simulink in your cloud platform of choice.


Scale your simulations and computations to CPUs, GPUs, or compute clusters.

CI and Test

Automate code testing and improve code quality using cloud-based continuous integration (CI) systems.

Deploy and Operate

Put your code and models into production.

Interactive Design and Development

Use the cloud to access performant hardware, securely store large quantities of data, and enable remote access to interactive design and development tools from anywhere. You can:

Simulation and Design Exploration at Scale

Develop and scale your MATLAB algorithms and Simulink simulations using high-end cloud compute resources, like multicore CPUs, GPUs, or compute clusters on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS®) or Microsoft® Azure. You can:

  • Create, manage, and access public cloud resources to run MATLAB and MATLAB Parallel Server without being a cloud expert using Cloud Center
  • Customize and provision cloud resources to meet your organization’s specific needs using one of many reference architectures available on GitHub®

Integration with CI and Automated Test Systems

To automate code testing and improve code quality, you can integrate MATLAB into your automated test environments and continuous integration (CI) systems. You can:

Production Deployment and Operationalization

Deploy and operationalize your analytics, models, or algorithms to production IT systems without rewriting to another language. You can: