Quantitative Finance and Risk Management


Model Risk Management

Develop, validate, deploy, and monitor your models efficiently while reducing costs with MathWorks Model Risk Management solution

With MathWorks Model Risk Management solution and MathWorks Consulting, you can:

  • Increase savings, leanness, and consistency with centralized models and automation for model documentation, validation, and monitoring
  • Complete model lineage and Agile Model Risk Management (MRM) workflows for first and second lines of defense
  • Build, validate, deploy, and monitor models in one controlled environment, speeding time-to-market and compliance
  • Build artificial intelligence (AI) production-level models that satisfy regulatory requirements and incorporate ModelOps best practices

Ray O’Brien, Global Risk COO at HSBC, shares how financial risk technology stacks are evolving in response to regulatory and geopolitical change, bigger dataset.

“We’re reducing the amount of recoding of our models by a separate technology department in our production system. We want a seamless flow from our model development into an environment that can be used by our production systems.”

Ray O'Brien, Global Risk COO, HSBC

Why MathWorks?

Pairing consulting services with MathWorks Model Risk solution enables you to:

Use Tools Trusted by Leading Banks

More than 90 Central Banks and regulatory authorities, including the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, and Bank of England, use products and consulting services from MathWorks.

Span Financial Services Sectors

Top consulting firms, as well as customers in the buy-side, sell-side, insurance, and energy sectors, use modeling products from MathWorks.

Meet Regulations and Best Practices

The solution’s support for the entire model risk lifecycle is geared toward helping you meet global regulatory guidelines and industry best practices like SR 11-7,  EU-TRIM, SS3/18, and OSFI E-23.

Rely on a Solution Used for Safety and Mission Critical Applications

Organizations across aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industries use solutions from MathWorks. MRM is designed to meet high-quality, safety-critical standards.

Cover Different Domains

Leverage rigorously tested, prebuilt model templates, libraries, and functions for pricing, optimization, risk/compliance, portfolio analytics, forecasting, and trading.

Gain a Competitive Edge with AI Capabilities

Empower your team, including those with limited AI or data science experience, to design AI models and AI-driven systems that meet governance best practices.