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Wavelets and Filter Banks

Wavelets and Filter Banks

This text offers a clear and easy-to-understand introduction to two central ideas: filter banks for discrete signals, and wavelets. The connection is fully explained - the wavelet is determined by a choice of filter coefficients. All important wavelet properties (e.g., orthogonality or biorthogonality, symmetry, accuracy of approximation, and smoothness) come from specific properties of the filters. The text shows how to construct those filters and wavelets using basic methods of linear algebra executed in MATLAB. These methods provide a direct approach to signal and image processing through filter banks that iterate on the lowpass filter. Blocking and ringing artifacts, as well as MATLAB applications, are analyzed. Many of the exercises are drawn from the Wavelet Toolbox.

About This Book

Truong Nguyen, University of Wisconsin
Gilbert Strang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wellesley-Cambridge Press, 1996

ISBN: 0-9614088-7-1
Language: English

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