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Dynamics and Control of Structures: A Modal Approach

Dynamics and Control of Structures: A Modal Approach

The goal of this book is to introduce the methods of structural dynamics to structural control analysis and design and to incorporate the control concepts and methods in structural dynamics analysis. The book addresses problems in structural dynamics and control encountered in such applications as aerospace structures, robotics, earthquake-damage prevention, and active noise suppression. The discussion begins by defining flexible structures and structural models, and then turns to controllability and observability, and properties of system norms and model reduction in terms of these norms. A discussion of sensor and actuator locations follows. The concluding chapters discuss the design of dissipative LQG and H-infinity controllers. MATLAB functions are included in an appendix.

About This Book

Wodek Gawronski, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Springer, 1998

ISBN: 0-387-98527-1
Language: English

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