MATLAB 6: poradnik uzytkownika

MATLAB 6: poradnik uzytkownika

Written in Polish, this book provides an introduction to MATLAB 6.1 and Simulink 4.1.  The book begins with a description of the MATLAB environment, first steps in MATLAB programming, and Handle Graphics.  Additional topics covered include various data types, ordinary and partial differential equations, nonlinear equations, statistics, and numeric differentiation.  The Control System Toolbox, System Identification Toolbox, Optimization Toolbox, Symbolic Math Toolbox, C++ Math Library, C++ Graphics Library, MATLAB Web Server, and the MATLAB Runtime Server are introduced in later chapters.   The final chapter describes Simulink and how to get started with block diagrams.  A brief Stateflow description is also provided in this section. 

About This Book

Bogumila Mrozek, Cracow University of Technology
Zbigniew Mrozek, Cracow University of Technology

Wydawnictwo PLJ, 2001

ISBN: 83-7101-449-X
Language: Polish

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